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In times of corona and cancelled business, we need to get creative in order to make the best of it. That's why I'm re-opening my portrait service during these, even though the sun is shining, dark times.

I'm pretty much locked in my house and I don't want to binge one Netflix show after another after 5 o'clock. So I'm using my talent for something to create something for someone else in the same situation.

  • Buy a portrait.
  • Send a reference photo to portraits@musketon.com
  • Get a digital Musketon portrait back in your inbox. 
    • You can use this portrait for whatever you like. Use it as a profile photo on any platform you like or even use it on your business cards. It's all up to you to decide!
    • I'm not offering a print version. I want to limit my outside activity as much as possible. 
    • For the time being, I'm keeping this service open until the corona situation stabilises.

By buying one of these portraits, you keep me from going insane after my work hours and you support an artist. 

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