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A book. A really big book. 

I worked 6 months on this project. I wanted to draw 100 houses from all over the world. Together, these 100 drawings form a city. Vector City!

The illustrated houses are my creative reproduction of the photos people sent me of their actual houses. 

If you look closely, you'll spot Bart Simpson, Steve Jobs, Forrest Gump, etc. If you look even closer you might discover a Jurassic Park jeep or cowboy Woody. If you really want to, you might even spot Wally a few times.

  • Published by: Borgerhoff & Lamberigts
  • Release date: 22 March 2017 
  • Hardcover printed on high-quality paper!
  • Dimensions: 32 cm x 45 cm

You will get the original Vector City Book with a personal note written inside.