Collecting art online?

With Musketon, experience hassle-free art delivery every time. We value our collectors' trust, ensuring a gallery-standard process from start to finish.

At Musketon, every piece is framed—no exceptions. It's our commitment to honor the art's value and ensure unmatched quality. No corners cut, just exquisite presentation.

Once you've collected your Musketon art piece, our framing partner begins framing it using a professional, high-quality frame.

After framing, your Musketon art piece is carefully wrapped in a generous layer of bubble wrap, ensuring its protection during transit.

The art piece is then packaged in a super heavy-duty cardboard box, guaranteeing its safety at all times during the delivery.

Once securely sealed inside the box, it's ready for shipment.

Our dedicated art delivery team will bring your art piece directly to your door.*

Finally, hang your Musketon art piece on the wall and enjoy it.

* for shipments beyond Belgium, we collaborate with trusted partners to deliver your Musketon art piece.

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